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just because I’ve got nothing to say.  In lieu of real posts, I’ll talk about the sandwich I had (yes, to further the bored blogger’s stereotype.)   If it doesn’t say “tomatoes” on the menu, I shouldn’t have to tell them (*TWICE*) to leave off tomatoes, but, it was good after that was settled.

Safeway, Signature Select Sandwich - Hollywood Cobb (grilled chicken, blue cheese, ranch, smokey bacon, lettuce (and apparently tomatoes), with something called “sub sandwich sauce” (some type of vinaigrette) on a crusty bagguette style bun.  I give it 3 out of 5 pickles on the sandwich scale.


Gnomedex 2007 Video

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Skip ahead to about 4:10 to see me. . . . heh. ;)

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Felony Arrest

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Help me Buy White Poppies for Peace!

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Okay, so I have this really great idea, I’m going to buy some white poppies for peace for Veteran’s Day (Remembrance Day, if you are ruled by a Queen!), but I realized how much they cost, and I’m pretty much flat broke anyway.

So please, donate to my cause, Click on the picture above and donate! I need about $250 to get 200 poppies to hand out on November 11th.